Healthy for Life
Live a good life

This is our Healthy for Life philosophy.

It's simple. We believe that good food is essential to a healthy life. Our commitment is to help you power your life on campus with good food and a dining program that makes it easy for you to eat right.

It's why we have healthy and wholesome choices available every day and it's why we have nutrition and wellness programs that help take some of the mystery out of healthy living.

Here are just a few of the many steps that we are taking to support your health and well-being. 

Click on one of our key areas below to learn more about Healthy for Life initiatives.

Healthy for Life

Healthy For Life Featured Story

Find out the latest news in wellness. Look for our seasonal newsletter, on-the-go nutrition information, and wellness tips.

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Your Friendly Dietition

Wellness Education

Our Healthy For Life educational resources are designed to support the entire campus community and connect us all to a healthy lifestyle.

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Menu Commitment

Menu Commitments

We're committed to providing you a broad selection of great-tasting, healthy food and beverages.

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Diet Plan

Nutrition Highlights

Our Healthy for Life resources and programs are designed to support and engage the entire campus community and connect us all to a healthier lifestyle.

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