Nutrition Highlights

Just Look for the Lead


Colorful-shaped messages make it easy to find the choices that fit your life.

Just4U® Nutrition Highlights
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With life moving a mile a minute, being able to find good food that’s good for you is more important than ever. That’s why we created our Just4U nutrition highlights program. It’s simple. To FIND THE FOOD THAT FITS YOUR LIFE®, just look for the leaf. Brightly-colored leaf shaped messages make better-for-you choices easy to find. If you want fewer calories, less fat, vegetarian or vegan choices or whole grain selections — just look for the leaf. It's a simple way to find the food that can help you be HEALTHY FOR LIFE. If only everything in life were this easy! 

About Our Menu Selection

Our menu selections are developed and evaluated by our culinary experts. Nutrition information provided is for one individual serving.

While adherence to recipes and serving sizes is our goal, actual nutrition content can vary from information provided due to variations in preparation, serving size, or product substitution. The variation is part of the process of custom preparing and serving high quality food.


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